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    Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria Microbe-Lift Spring / Summer Cleaner Tetra Pond Koi Spring & Fall Diet
    Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria/Liquid 32ozMicrobe-Lift Spring/Summer Cleaner Tetra Spring & Fall Diet (Wheatgerm) 3.08-lb (7-liter) Floating
    Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria contains 7 pure strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria that go to work quickly cleaning and balancing your ornamental pond, works at temperatures below 50F or 10C. Because ornamental water gardens are...Microbe-Lift Spring /Summer Cleaner helps to jump start your pond in the spring, by accelerating the breakdown of leaves, twigs and other accumulated dead organic waste. A Spring - Summer approach to the proper Organic Balance in ponds....Transitions fish in and out of winter. Wheatgerm's exceptional digestibility at low temperatures is very important since fish metabolism and the pond's ammonia-reducing biological activity are greatly diminished in colder months. Feed in spring...




    Pondmaster 1350 Filter Kit
    Pondmaster 1350 Filter Kit w/350-gph pump
    Pondmaster 1350 pump and filter kit includes a 350-gph mag drive pump which has an 18ft. cord. Pondmaster filter system measures 12" x 12" which provides mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. Includes bell and adjustable fountain heads...