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Pre-Filters, Pump Socks, Submersible Filters, Screens and Strainer Baskets. Products designed to pre-filter the water prior to entering the pump inlet.

Beckett Pump Pre-filter 12600 - Foam Block Pondmaster pre-filter for 950-1800-gph pumps
Beckett Pump Pre-filterPondmaster Foam Block for Fountain Kit (190 gph) and 140-gphPondmaster Foam Pre-Filter for 950, 1200, 1800 gph Pumps

Pump Pre-filter for Beckett Versa Gold Pumps: G210, G325 and G535

Replacement Foam (Filter) Block for 02273 -Fountain Kit and the 140 and 190 gph pump. 

Foam Pre-Filter for 950, 1200 and 1800 gph pumps. Foam Filter Offers Biological Filtration.




Pondmaster block-shaped pre-filter for 200-700-gph pumps Pondmaster pre-filter for 950-3600-gph pumps Pondmaster pre-filter for 200-700-gph pumps
Pondmaster Large Block-Shaped Pre-Filter for 250-700 gph PumpsPondmaster Plastic Rigid Pre-Filter for 950-3600 gph PumpsPondmaster Small Pre-Filter for 250-700 gph Pumps

Large (Block-shaped) Pre-Filter for 200-700 gph pumps. Coarse Polyester and Foam Offer Biological Filtration.

Replacement Large Plastic Pre Filter (no foam) for DS950, 1200, 1800, 2400 and 3600

Small (cylinder-shaped) Pre-Filter for 200-700 gph pumps.