Black 1-1/4" thick Filter Media
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Poly-Flo Black, 1-1/4" Thick, 56" Wide (per foot)

Price: $26.95
  • Item #: W-FMM045
  • Manufacturer: Poly-Flo
  • Cannot ship to: Canada
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Poly-Flo Filter Media. Black. 1-1/4" Thick; Dense weave material. 56" wide and sold by the foot (56" x 1' piece).

Approximately 1-1/4 inch Thick x 56 inch Wide cut to order. (note: 56" width can vary, we have seen this as narrow as 54" and as wide as 60", but should be close 56") 

The price shown is per linear foot. Enter the number of linear feet that you would like to order in the quantity box. The maximum for 1 piece is 20'. 

Poly-Flo filter media, a component of skimmer, waterfall and aquarium systems, is integral to promoting a healthy ecosystem for ponds and aquariums.

Poly-Flo Biological filter media has been designed to contain high surface area for beneficial bacterial colonization, resists clogging and channeling, is durable, long lasting and UV resistant. All of the fiber used in this media is recycled.

The material can be cut with scissors to fit any shape filter.

Poly-Flo material is tested by an independent bioassay lab to make certain it is non toxic to fish.