Microbe-Lift Super Start Bead Filter Bacteria
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Microbe-Lift Super Start Bead Filter Bacteria 1-Gallon

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  • Manufacturer: Ecological Laboratories Inc.
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Microbe-Lift: Super Start Bead Filter Bacteria - 1-Gallon -A special formulation of bacteria designed to jump start bead filters. Contains the necessary types of bacteria to quickly establish a biofilm on the bead media and maintain the processes for optimum performance of bead filters. Contains photosynthetic bacteria.

For ALL Bead and Biological Filters. Bead filters rely on the use of a media to provide a high surface area / volume ratio. Rapid establishment of organic removal capabilities and establishment of nitrogen cycling are achieved. Reduces build-up of residue in the filter.

Breakdown of residual medications. Effective over a wide pH range.

Microbe-Lift Super Start Application Rates
Pond Size (gallons)1st Application (purge)Next 3 Weeks (once per week)Maintenance (once per week for 2 weeks after cleaning)
501 - 1,000 4 oz. 4 oz. 4 oz.
1,001 - 5,000 6 oz. 6 oz. 6 oz