Dalen Solar Rotating Head Owl
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Dalen Solar Activated Rotating Head Owl - 18"

Price: $44.95
  • Item #: G-DALENSROH4
  • Manufacturer: Dalen
  • Cannot ship to: Canada
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Dalen's Solar Rotating Head Owl is activated by a solar-powered panel that delivers timed, but natural, head movement.

Chemical-free pest control, the SOL-R Action Owl protects lawns and gardens from pests with timed, yet natural, solar-powered movement.

When fully charged, the Solar Action owl's head is triggered to smoothly rotate on an average of every 2 minutes-mimicking an owl's movement in nature.

Even without light, the rotating head is also activated by gentle breezes to maintain consistent, life-like action.

Mount on post or fill with sand or gravel.

Due to its unique design it doesn't require ANY batteries, which means no maintenance after set up and placement and no added costs after purchase!