Dalen [Gardeneer] Floating Pond and Pool Netting 7' x 10'

Price: $8.95
  • Item #: 00076 [PN-10]
  • Manufacturer: Dalen
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Pond and Pool Netting - Protective floating net with small 3/8" mesh size stops even the smallest debris. Keeps falling leaves out of the pond and protects goldfish and Koi from cats and other predators. 7 ft x 10 ft

For water gardens:

Stretch floating net over pond. Secure to ground every few feet using Garden Staples or weights.

For pools and hot tubs: - Stretch floating net over pool or hot tub.  Secure to ground every 3 to 6 ft. to prevent leaves and other debris from sinking the net.

NOTES: WARNING: this product is not a safety netting and should never be used for that purpose. 

For Best Results: - Remove and clean netting regularly to avoid accumulation of water-soaked leaves and debris (the weight can cause netting to tear during removal). - To remove debris from net: lift out of water, turn over, shake out and replace.