Aqua Ultraviolet - Aqua Fish UV
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AquaFish - 15-watt UV

Price: $274.75
  • Item #: 00317 [A00317]
  • Manufacturer: Aqua Ultraviolet
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Aqua Ultraviolet Aqua Fish: UV lamp surrounded by a quartz sleeve is concealed in this high quality UV resistant polyresin statuary. It can sit on the edge of any pond and give you clear water.

Has two 3/4" inlets (front and back) to allow for placement at any angle. Aqua Fish has a 2" clean out on the bottom. Connect to a submersible pump, the UV treats the water as it flows through the statuary body and the spitter returns the water in a steady stream to your water feature.

Measures 17" Tall x 15" Wide x 14" Long.

If used as a water sterilizer: Maximum pond size 500 gallons; maximum pump flow rate 700 gph. 
If used as a water clarifier: Maximum pond size 2000 gallons; maximum pump flow rate 1800 gph.