Copper Dripper / Fountain - Lotus
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Ancient Graffiti Copper Dripper Fountain with Pump - Lotus

Price: $69.95
  • Item #: G-ANCIENT940L
  • Manufacturer: Ancient Graffiti
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Ancient Graffiti Copper Dripper/Fountain - Lotus - Great accent for container water garden, pond accent or use in a birdbath to provide a gentle, steady stream to attract birds (Motion on the water's surface or the sound of falling water is like a magnet to birds).

Dripper Fountains that keep the water moving have the added benefit of preventing mosquito eggs from hatching.

Handcrafted in flamed copper with a soapstone base. Includes UL approved grounded pump.

Lotus Fountain measures 6.75"W x 11.5"H

Depth of water for the fountain to operate at its best is approximately 3 inches. The minimum height of the water level for the pump to continue to work is approximately 2 inches. The dimension height from the metal base plate to the bottom of the circulating pump is approximately 3 inches. There is not a safety shut off if the water should go down too far to function.

Bird bath sold separately.

CANNOT ship into Ontario Canada - all other Canada provinces accepted.