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AC Adapter Solar Ceramic Koi Fountain Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain - Red Lava
Smart Solar AC Adapter for Solar-on-Demand FountainsSmart Solar Ceramic Solar Koi FountainCeramic Solar Cascade Fountain - Red Lava
Smart Solar AC Adapter for any of the Solar-on-Demand Fountains. [Smart Solar: A6V-AC-USA] Specs: Input: AC 120v, 60Hz, 4.13w Output: DC 6v, 300mA Wire is 10 feet long UL Listed Class 2 Transformer, AC/DC Power Supply, Mains Adaptor Has male plug...Operates in direct sunlight • Powered by a separate solar panel (supplied) • Multi-mount panel holder • Low voltage water 55gph pump with filter • 10 ft : 3 m cable to solar panel • No wiring, simply install and enjoy • No operating costs 14.5" wide x 13.4" deep x 6.7" highCeramic solar powered 4 tier cascading fountain with wrapped line design in red, Creates a relaxing atmosphere on your patio, deck, balcony or in your garden. Recycles water from the main bowl reservoir. Operates in direct sunlight, Powered by a...




Smart Solar - Fountain Cleaner Ceramic Solar Frog Fountain - Green Glazed Solar Fish Fountain - Blue Glazed
Smart Solar - Fountain Fresh CleanerSmart Solar Ceramic Solar Frog FountainSolar Fish Fountain - Blue Glazed
A water clarifier made from proprietary blend of all-natural enzymes and extracts that prevents algae growth. Non-toxic and completely safe for birds, fish, plants, pond life, and even your pets if they drink out of the fountain. Keeping your...Water flows constantly through frog's mouth into the bowl. Operates in direct sunlight. Powered by a separate solar panel (supplied). Multi fixing panel holder. Low voltage water pump with filter has 10-ft cable to solar panel. Measures 14.5" wide x 7" deep.Features a custom blue glazed terracotta spouting fish solar fountain. Mounting bracket included for the fish to rest on the side of the container. Solar panel has 16ft cable. AC adapter included for indoor use. Two year manufacturer warranty....